1. Would be nice to have a bed as of my slipped disc in l5 and s1 spine cant earn enough as of it. Would be absolute amazing to see how a bed would go for my back. Fingers crossed.

  2. Would love a bed as on floor as of s1and l5 dics in spine so cant afford one would be nice to win one and see if it will help. Fingers crossed

  3. £389 it’s a terrific bargain. Looks so comfy so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one..x

  4. Wow fantastic generous prize looks so comfortable £389 would love to win one of these please x

  5. wonderful giveaway Kelvin Furniture, thank you. It would be great to dream in a bed fit for a queen!!!!

  6. Really need a new bed, one without an end board. Keep stubbing my toes on my current bed frame

  7. This Bed I Would Love . My Memory has died on my Mattress To My Bed & it’s Over 10 Years Old , it’s not Done Bad considering I am in it More Often Than not with my Chronic Illness . This Brilliant Bed At £389 is amazing . I’d Love to win it .

  8. My current bed is giving me a lot of back problems and I can’t afford a new one at the moment. If you don’t enter you’ve no chance.

  9. Wow your not far from me and my daughter is desperate for a comfy double bed, fingers crossed! X

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